Thursday, January 26, 2012

18 Month Catch Up

My plan was always to do a blog about 6 months after your first birthday.  Little did I know that so much would happen in those 6 months and that I wouldn't really get around to it until you are almost 20 months old.  So let's recap each month as it happened chronologically.


The rest of the month following your birthday was spent playing with your new toys and your cousin Bryson.  You two really do love each other and love your new toys.  They were really a great idea your mom had and it was nice that the weather was good enough for you to play outside.

You also continued to develop your vocabulary.  I can't say for sure what words you said when, especially since I was terrible enough to not post this sooner.  But you started around this time to really start to babble.  Babbling never was your thing up until this point.  And it may just be that we are your parents, but we think your babblings are cute.  Even if they aren't, they are certainly productive to your development so babble on!


July was a super busy and warm month.  In fact when we went over to Wapato to be with your gramma and grandpa Compton it got to be near 100!  Your daddy thought he was going to melt!  In any case, all that warm weather meant a lot of time outdoors and at waterparks.

The fourth of July was spent at gramma and grandpa Compton's.  Some of the highlights were feeding the ducks, fireworks and going to the Tri-Cities to visit your cousins Owen and Evan at a waterpark.  We also spent some "Fourth of July" time with your grandpa Compton's brothers here in Kent.  We went to a lake so you and your cousins could play at the beach.  They also had some pretty sweet toys!

You also went to an amusement park in July with your Aunt Nicole and cousin Bryson.  Wild Waves isn't Disneyland or 6 Flags.  It isn't even Silverwood, but it is the best we have locally and for a 1 year-old an 18 month-old I think it was perfectly fine.  Your mom took you so you will have to ask her how much fun you really had.

It was also hot enough that your Nana and P-Pa bought a kiddie pool for you to cool off in.  Boy did you ever love splashing around in there and soaking your Nanna (you can see her soakedness in the photo).


In August you and your mom abandoned me.  Well, you actually left to go visit your aunt Ali and uncle Kyle in Utah for a whole week.  You will have to get the details on all the fun you had (yes you had fun without me) from your mom or aunt Ali.  But the important details were this was your first flight and you did fairly well, and it was the first time you had been away from me for longer than a day.  I think it was also the first time your mom had been away from me for longer than a day since we got married as well.

Being away from you was odd.  It was calm and relaxing for sure.  It was super easy because your mom made me a bunch of food before she left and put it in the freezer for me.  But I also missed you both a whole lot.  I missed your cuteness and your energy.  And of course I missed the kisses and loves from you and your mom.


September for the most part was status quo.  Learning new words, gaining more confidence in daily life running around and experimenting.  I also think this was when you started loving your clothes and gaining a real knack for climbing.  That is how a toddler is taller than a washing machine in the photo above.  You will find anything to climb to get up where you want and explore.  No matter the peril or possibility for bodily harm, you will brave it and show no fear whatsoever.  You and I will have so much fun later in life defying death exploring and playing around.

As for the clothes, well I'll let a picture say a thousand words for me:

Now when I say you love clothes, it isn't like teenage-girl-shopping-at-the-mall-trying-on-clothes kind of love.  It is a play-around-and-try-to-put-on-in-random-places-but-not-really-want-to-wear-them kind of way.  Hours of entertainment.  Clothing optional.


I think the above picture perfectly describes our October.  Of course there was more to the month, but your mom made the costumes in the picture and her wonderful work was noticed by everyone who saw us.  We went to three parties and walked around the Supermall and everyone we saw loved us.  Random strangers at the mall were asking to take pictures with us.  At aunt Nicole's ward Halloween party you and Bryson won cutest couple as Bam-Bam and Pebbles in their kiddie parade.  Truly fantastic and a Halloween to live up to the rest of our years as a family.

If I am not mistaken, this was around the time you wanted to become a one-meal-a-day kid as well.  Taking after your P-Pa all you want is a good breakfast and maybe some smaller meals later in the day, but only if you are really hungry.  That is so opposite your dad and grandpa Compton.  I can wait a few hours before eating breakfast just like my dad.  So it is more like a brunch.  Then I could skip lunch and have a good dinner.  Not you.  Just a giant bowl of Cream of Wheat and you think you are set for the day.

It is also interesting to note that you are on a nearly vegetarian diet.  You will eat chicken nuggets and fish sticks for lunch/dinner.  Sometimes you will eat sausage and bacon for breakfast.  But if your mom roasts a chick or makes a casserole with any kind of meat in it you do not want the meat.  You go as far as to take a bite of the food and eat everything else then spit out the meat.  Not sure how you do that, but it is frustrating to parents trying to give you a balanced diet.


November was a great month.  We started by making your first visit to the Pacific Science Center.  I say first because even as an adult I would love to go back several more times and as a kid there is even more to explore and discover.   We saw animatronic dinosaurs, tropical butterflies, lots of bugs, space stuff, ocean things and some random scientific factuals (more enjoyable for the adults I think).  Of course your favorite part was anything to do with water.

For Thanksgiving we were over in Wapato again.  Gramma and grandpa Compton were volunteering at a Santa's workshop and invited us to go up one day and see the place.  This was by far the most unique Santa's workshop I had ever seen.  It was based in an old Train Station that is now a museum.  There were trains everywhere!  And the best part was we got to take a ride to the North Pole and see Santa himself with Mrs. Claus.  You weren't to thrilled with sitting with them this year, but did fairly well considering how most kids your age react to sitting with a strange old man.

Thanksgiving itself was pretty low-key.  Just spending quality time with my immediate family and their kids.  Which is nice every once and a while, to not have to have a million people around.  It happens a lot during the holidays, especially with large families, which you are a part of.  I remember some Thanksgivings with so many people the house could barely contain them all.  And that was at my aunt Arlene's house with living room, kitchen and basement just packed!  But you'll come to know the joy (with and without sarcasm) of the holidays soon enough.

The other big November news was our announcing that we are expecting another baby!  We wanted to wait until Christmas and make it a present for both your grandmas, but your mom was SO sick she didn't think she could make it through a week in Wapato without spilling the beans.  So we told your Nana and P-Pa before we left and then told my parents when we back in Wapato.  We told them both the same way.  Your mom made you a little shirt that had a picture of a monkey on it that said "This little monkey is going to be a big sister."  Both times we had to point out what the shirt said to their utter surprise and shock.  Your mom thinks the letters may have been to small and I am inclined to agree.  But the absolute best was your gamma Compton.

We were all in the kitchen when your aunt Nicole arrived.  Your aunt Nicole already knew about the new baby and the shirt idea so we had her read it aloud to gramma and grandpa.  What I said was "Nicole, did you see that shirt that Cara made?" at which point your aunt Nicole started reading the shirt.  Your grandpa caught on, but your gramma focused on the "Cara made" part and was amazed at how good the shirt looked. Grandpa then asked gramma if she heard what was said and she said yeah, but she hadn't really paid attention so Nicole read the shirt again leading to gramma's screams of joy.  It was pretty fun.

I think I'll call that good for now.  This was a pretty long post and hard to compose.  And I think I lost a lot of what I was trying to do with it by not doing it more often.  Perhaps I should have a limit of 3 months between posts for the time being.  I promise I will do better about blogging so as to keep the true purpose of this blog - a diary you couldn't make for yourself at this age to know what your life was like at these younger ages; and  so you can know how much I love you.

Nap Time

This one is really just all about the picture.  This was any number of given Sunday afternoons where I put you down for a nap.  You are notorious for not staying asleep after being put down so a few times I decided to just keep holding you.  Sometimes that means I come back out to the living room and watch some TV with your mom, other times it means I take a nap with you (as was obviously the case this time).

I'm really glad your mom snuck in a took this picture because it is one of my favorite memories with you.  You spend a lot of time with your mom.  Which is good.  You love her and in most cases you prefer her.  Which makes moments when you reach for me, or call for me, or stay with me that much more precious.  I know you love me as best you can at this age.  And I hope you will continue to grow your love for me as I do for you.  And I'm not saying I would trade amounts of your love for moments like this, but moments like this sure do make me feel like you have that much more love for me and make me feel great.

I love spending time with you and love it more when you enjoy spending time with me.  I look forward to spending time with your outside playing.  I look forward to spending time with you doing homework.  I look forward to spending time with you on daddy-daughter dates (not optional mind you).  It's crazy how much time I want to spend with you.  All I get during the week is an hour in the morning and a few at night.  The weekends we spend at home you entertain yourself pretty well and I need to take advantage of because soon you will be to grown for me to play with.  You will be playing with your friends.  So I promise now to cherish my moments with you and make the most of your love.

Conversations with Brooklynn

If you are tracking dates on my posts you are probably wondering what happened to me.  Well I got a little lazy and a little busy and that is life.  But what matters now is that you can read this and still know what happened in basic sequence in your life.  This post and the next were started shortly after your first birthday (6/27/2011) but were not actually completed until Jan 2012.  The good news is they are brief and cover only some heartfelt emotions you stirred up in my soul.

Conversations with Brooklynn began sometime near your first birthday.  What I remember most vividly was walking you around the church on Sunday and having a perfect example of one of our earliest conversations.  We were of course walking around the building because you can't sit still during sacrament and be reverent.  Oh no.  Not our little monkey.

On this particular Sunday I was walking around the church and showing you pictures of Jesus.  You had already learned to say who it was (JeJe).  And you had already demonstrated the ability to agree with someone whether you really meant it or not by saying "ya" (usually with a few exclamation points following).  So as we are walking I asked you if a particular picture was Jesus.  Of course it was because you were too young at this point to try and fool and that would just confuse you.  What surprised me was your response.  You said, "Ya! JeJe."

That was a sentence!  It shocked me.  And I was just so thrilled to be having mini conversations with you.  I told your mom the story after church and she agreed that it was very cute and amazing.  Which pretty much sums up our opinion of you.  Cute and amazing.

Several similar conversations happened following that involving affirmations and naming of objects.  The most simple of dialogues, but so monumental in my mind.  Just awesome.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

The First Year

This has been, by far, the fastest year of my life.  I cannot believe that the year has already come and gone.  I have looked at some of the photos and it really amazes me how much you have changed.  You have gone from this fresh, new, helpless darling into a mobile, whirling dervish of destruction and activity.

This was my beautiful little girl when we got her home.  Round, wrinkly but with bright eyes and a desire to be moving from the get-go.  You had trouble eating at first.  And when we got you home we had to run to the drug store to get you something for the gas that very night.  But you were already pushing off our chests and lifting your head, as much as you could.  I really have a hard time believing that this was ever you.

This was the next phase of my baby.  Very baby faced, wide-eyed and so stinkin' cute!  This was the age of experimenting.  Learning how to roll over, crawl and walk.  Adventurous for you and for us as parents.

That face became this face.  Still adventuring, exploring and learning.  Not yet a whirlwind of destruction.  Not quire fully steady on two feet.  Still a sweetie.  Toothless.  Your face is thinning a bit because you are so mobile.  Never sitting still.  But totally our little angel-girl.

This is my little girl now.  Mischievous. Fully mobile.  A Climber.  And growing cuddler.  Every day is different.  Highs and lows.  Like a little person, but still very much a child.  And oh how we love you!

Brooklynn, I am so glad you have come into my life.  I am pleased with the girl you are growing into.  You are clever and capable, both traits that will serve you well later in life.  Although you could use a little more of the clever and apply it to listening to your parents.  From the very first day you were here it has been quite a new experience for me.  When you were born your mom was confined to her hospital bed and could only feed you.  Everything else was my job.  And I was no where near prepared.  But how can you be?  I have learned a lot about you, your mom and myself in the last year.  And that learning will keep on going until the day I die. I can only hope that you keep your energetic, spirited attitude for the rest of your life.

As I proof read this, I can't help but use the oft stated "words can't describe" moniker for how I feel about you.  There are times when your mobility frustrates me to wanting to chain you to a chair.  There are times when you are cuddling with me that I couldn't be happier.  I really do love you so much, little girl and I can't wait until you are a little older and you can begin to understand that, too.

52 Weeks - Birthday Week

We did an awful lot to celebrate your first birthday.  It pretty much encapsulates the coolest elements of my childhood into two good weeks for you.  So I guess that means we are off the hook for the rest of your youth!  OK, maybe not.  But you did get to do a lot of fun things you will never remember.

To start with we had a large gathering of family and friends the weekend before your birthday.  This barbecue friend fest culminated in the moment of your unwrapping presents and eating cake.  Although the cake eating was a bit anti-climactic.  You would only swipe your finger across the frosting.  You didn't seem too interested in breaking into the cake.

Playing on your new toy that mom and dad got you!

Sharing your new toy with cousins!

This was your cake.
Your mom made individual cupcake monkeys for everyone else.

The party was as much as for your mom as it was for you. =D

Yes, you were that happy.

A balloon!!!!

Princess, not just for today.

Dig in!

Notice how the cake is largely left alone. Shame.
Since your birthday party was before your actual birthday, we had to do something for your actual birthday.  So we went to Red Robin!  They gave you your own ice cream and balloon!  You have loved balloons ever since we went to Red Robin for my birthday and I gave you my balloon.  We also tried to give you some food from Red Robin, but you were only interested in the fries.  Typical.

The real fun started two days after your birthday.  I took the Wednesday through Friday off that week and we started by going to the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium.  You really loved the animals.  I was surprised that you even loved the fish!

Heading into the Zoo.  What do we see?

Leaping Lemurs!  Or... Sleeping Lemurs.  Shhh.

I honestly don't know how your mom caught me looking so apathetic.
We were both super excited about the elephant.

What is that weird looking thing? It's a Tapir!

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!  Or just Tigers.


This guy came out from under his rock just to see us.

These Walruses were as big as a boat!

Walking between exhibits.

This was the only Polar Bear seen that day.  Much to my dismay.

All that sight seeing really wears a girl out!

But we have lots of energy after nap time!!

Down the slide you go!

You must have spun about 30 times in this thing.

Caught in daddy's web!  Ha-ha-ha-ha-haaaa!

The festivities that followed the Zoo weren't really about your birthday.  They were more of a Perkins family get together (reunion).  But we sure did have a lot of fun down in Seaside, OR.

Wishing to play X-Box Kinect with the big kids.

Touring Tillamook with Gramma.  Look at all that cheese!

Investigating the local wildlife with P-Pa.

Finding someone to share lunch with.

At Haystack Rock.

The most amazing part of this picture - P-Pa smiling.

So... much... fun!!!

"Helping" Aunt Ali and Uncle Kyle build a sand castle.

Helping of course means eating sometimes.

Playing Fooz-ball with Aunt Ali and Uncle Kyle.
I'm sure you won.

Downtown Seaside, OR on a beautiful day.

If only all your other birthdays could start out this amazing.  No pressure.